Tue, 6 July 2021

Architectural excellence in the interior design of Grand Apartment

The Application Context

The project is located in the center of Kyiv on Hrushevsky Street, which is popularly called the government one. In addition to the main administrative buildings, the Verkhovna Rada and the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, it also houses several operating ministries and committees. Also, there is a green zone, the Mariinsky Park, with its palace on the territory — a favorite place for walks and excursions for all residents and guests of the capital. The building, where the apartment is located, is an example of one of the first high-rise buildings developed in the area of the Mariinsky ensemble. It was designed by the former chief architect of Kyiv and honored architect of Ukraine, Sergey Babushkin, who can be confidently called the person responsible for the appearance of the modern metropolis.

The Request for Commissioning

The overall concept of the space was developed by Yodezeen Studio taking into account the principles of combining elements and textures, which together would create an optical harmony and perfection.

Complete harmony was present not only in the interior but also in the general preferences of the client.

Stone, wood, and metal are connected, smoothly bending, or even look as if they are a single whole organism. This interior has many straight lines that smoothly flow into wave-like shapes, and the absence of sharp corners is additionally emphasized by the rounded shape of the furniture.

Ekinex’s Solutions

In this project, the architects and designers of the Yodezeen studio were inspired by the flexible brass material used in the implementation of decorative elements of the living space.

Ekinex wall mount devices made in metal with brass finish fit perfectly with the aesthetic line of this project: pushbuttons with thermostat for single and 2-fold plate from 71 and FF series Form version have been chosen.


Yodezeen is a multi-award winning architectural and design studio operating in the field of interior design and architecture. With 60 employees, offices in Kyiv, Moscow, London, Miami and Los Angeles, the studio is distinguished by its high-end design, international expertise, and local capability and works across a range of typologies, including residential, commercial and hospitality projects. (https://yodezeen.com/)

Photographer: Andrii Shurpenkov

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