Mon, 23 September 2019

A shared showroom in Milan: R10 - Design Sharing Space

The Application Context

In via Rutilia 10 - in the heart of Milan's new smart district - the R10 area was inaugurated: an innovative shared showroom of 600 square metres furnished like a real home, where different companies from the world of furnishing display their materials and products. A special place where design becomes a synergy between various prestigious companies.

Customer Requests

R10 - Design Sharing Space is used for temporary events, exhibitions and showrooms so the demand in terms of automation and control was mainly that of system efficiency and ease of useThe space is independently controlled: when opened, the system turns on the lights and background music; vice versa, at the end of the day, it switches on the alarm system and turns off the lights and music. The lighting scenarios, which vary according to the events proposed, can be easily recalled by means of icon on a PC or smartphone. A sophisticated anti-theft system together with the fire detection system protects the entire structure and the products on display.

Ekinex Solutions

The ekinex products and devices have been chosen for this project thanks to their minimalist design and to the wide range of technical functions that allow to automate the regulation of temperature, lighting and music with the possibility to define pre-set scenarios on the specific needs of the showroom.

Components used:

The physical controls are made with Ekinex design push-buttons in ice white finish with customised symbols on each rockers.

3WIRE Srl and Arch. Matteo Caimi

3WIRE srl, a company specializing in advanced home automation systems, has been responsible for the design and implementation of all ”smart”, electrical and security systems, working in perfect harmony with the architect Matteo Caimi who supervised the project taking care of all the architectural part.

Photo credits: Vito Corvasce

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