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  • Video surveillance

Video surveillance



Visualization of video from cameras

Delégo for smartphones and tablets allows you to view the flow of compatible cameras without having to open the dedicated app. The various parameters made available during the configuration phase allow you to set the addresses to be pointed to locally and remotely, and to adjust the quality of the video stream displayed within the app.

Delégo provides pre-configured templates for some of the most popular brands of IP cameras, or allows the generic configuration of cameras, knowing their paths to access the video stream, typically available on the Internet or on the manufacturer's website.

  • In the Delégo App for smartphones and tablets, you can access the video cameras either from the Security category, through the floor navigation or directly from the Home page.
  • In the rooms function's overview, you can see the list of all the installed cameras with the status of each one.
  • In the iOS App, the video stream is shown in a full-screen popup. The Android App, on the other hand, uses an external player to display the video stream.

Supported Models

IP Cameras and DVR IP Cameras IP Cameras and DVR IP Cameras and DVR IP Cameras and DVR Universal support